Bagno Ricciulillo - The Place

We are in Ischia Porto, on the promenade "Lungomare Cristoforo Colombo", at around 1km from the very central "Piazza Degli Eroi", and 500m far from the also central avenue " Vittoria Colonna".

You can easily reach us from Ischia Porto by walking (around 20-25 minutes along Via Roma, and in front of "Bar Vittoria", in Vittoria Colonna go down the road on the left) and by bus (with the bus lines EAV 5, 7, 8, C12, up to Piazza Degli Eroi, and walking for 10 minutes along Via E.Cortese).

Clicking the image on the right, taken from Google Maps, you'll be redirected to the Google Maps site, allowing you to get an indication on how to reach the Beach / Restaurant / Bar Ricciulillo from anywhere in the world.

come raggiungere il bagno ricciulillo ad ischia - cartina
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Bagno Ricciulillo - Ischia - Tel: +39 081 1851 5910 - Email: